Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, we provide solutions for all the above-mentioned diseases. Each one of the case’s protocol is tailor-made and the duration of the treatment depends on the severity of the case. Minimum of 30 days to 6 months. In some cases, it may exceed 6 months.
Permanent solutions; Irrespective of what is the symptoms with which you approach us, we do our analysis and find the root of the cause of the disease or discomfort or issue be it physical, mental, or emotional. And treat everyone as WHOLE AND COMPLETE and we begin to provide treatment and therapies for all the issues expressed or unexpressed. Until we transform the situation or the issue for the client.
No, it is not expensive because we provide solutions to all the issues that may be occurring in the later period. What you may pay us is for a complete transformation of mind, body, and emotions. In the long run, it is not at all expensive. It is simple, cost-effective, and a good result achieved.
  • We take your physical report in a non-invasive system of resonance analyzer
  • We read, analyze and counsel you, if necessary your family members.
  • We make a therapy plan for you with our protocol.
  • We council you and closely monitor regularly.
  • Share our reports once in a month.
Disclaimer :Our Human body is very is emerging science and is not very commonly practiced. The changes are first happening at the subtle level and then in the solid matter therefore some times it will take a longer time to experience healing. Patience, humility, and attitude of gratitude will provide quicker results than anticipated.
Not necessary, they can call us and seek an appointment. On the day and time of the appointment, we can discuss the case. It is better to share the prior medical diagnostic reports by WhatsApp or by email so that we will read them, analyze them, and are ready for discussion.
We work Monday to Saturday - From 10.00 A.M. to 06.00 P.M. and Sunday - From 10.00 A.M. to 04.00 P.M.